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Proactive communication & Media is a fully established PR and branding company with a team of well experienced and qualified media professionals, content creators, graphic designers, video & audio visual experts, photographers and social media and web developers.

The word PRO coined from PROACTIVE; means VISION, DISCERNMENT, FORESIGHT, SWIFTNESS and PERCEPTION. Our brand solutions are those that would stand the test of time. This is based on our foundation principle; PURPOSE.  purpose is the master of motivation and the mother of commitment.

We employ integrated marketing communications strategies to create content. Our unique marketing proposition is integrating both traditional and new age (digital) media to create and drive top quality audio and visual content ultimately imparting on the bottom line.

Competitve Advantage for Africa

Brand visibility is a major area of concern for most new and even existing businesses. Our solutions are tailored to suit each specific type of business. Every single business has its own peculiarities and must be treated as such when it comes to developing marketing strategies. Our ability to use creative writing and media production to tell the stories of individual and business brands thereby helping them better communicate the values, vision, and mission of the brand to their target audience is one of our unique flavor and competitive advantage.


Building legacy and sustainability through brand solutions that Stand the test of time which is based on our foundational principle; PURPOSE.


To create innovative solutions tailored to suit each specific type of business brands because every single business has great potentials.

Core Values

Our core vales are purpose; Innovation; Creativity; and they have so far remain the bedrock of our company's growth and success over the years.

People perceive the media as presenting an impartial perspective of a person/brand/business. Therefore, one of our key leverage point of power rest with helping to establish credibility for your brand in the minds of targeted masses by capitalizing on the influence of a third party- The media.(traditional, social, digital). Our submission therefore is for us to use the power of the media to push the right information consistently over a period of time so as to positively influence the perception of your brand in the minds of people.

“A brand is a promise. A good brand is a promise kept”

 Muhtar Kent

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The key principle that guides us through till the end.


Creating custom and unique solutions for brands


Our highly trained and experienced think outside the box


Channeling our expertise and human capital to earn you result