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The ProActive Academy  provides you a unique opportunity to give meaning to your Career, Business, Relationships and Life through our various Bespoke Coaching Programs. With our people and growth focused programs, you will experience total turn around in all spheres. From experience and practice, possesses an in-depth knowledge of the business sector and corporate industry, thus we offer a unique blend of experience and execute our services with perfection.

Our vision is to help individuals discover their purpose then make a business (profit) out of it.

Our mission is to help build purposeful and successful business brands through self discovery thereby birthing and launching unique, innovative and sustainable businesses.

Nigeria's Fast-Rising Instructor-Led Academy

Skills Advancement Centre

THE PROACTIVE ACADEMY is the training and research arm of procommunication& media concepts. We empower and train female entrepreneurs with our varying course modules. Courses are both online and on site. We offer skill acquisition workshops,  business branding and personal development training and coaching services, mentoring for female entrepreneurs.   We help build capacity for wealth creation through our programs.

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On all of our courses, an upfront payment of at least 70% is required to show true committment.

Absencee from classes consecutively without prior notice will not be condoned. In the case of unavoidable absence from class(es) reasons must be genuine in order to be considered for an extra class. Extra class(es) are up to the instructor’s discretion.